Posted by: Mike B. | September 1, 2009

Red Sox Prepared for Arms Race

I hate to sound like a parent mentoring his kid with “don’t run with scissors” but when it comes to baseball (especially the playoffs) I am a firm believer in “pitching wins championships”. Apparently the Red Sox general manager Theo Epstein believes the same theory as he has been unloading pitchers not performing up to par (Brad Penny and John Smoltz) while getting some pitchers he hopes have fresh strong arms (Billy Wagner and Paul Byrd). The news of acquiring Billy Wagner was very exciting Sox fans as he has great numbers out of the pen and is currently third on the “current players saves list” behind Mariano Rivera and Trevor Hoffman. Paul Byrd was not as sure of a bet; until he took the mound for the first time this past weekend. Byrd looked as if he smelled the chance at a playoff run as he mowed down the Blue Jays for six scoreless innings.

With a fairly easy September schedule the Red Sox are looking like they will be smiling when October comes. With series against the White Sox, Orioles, Angels, Orioles (again), Royals and Blue Jays this month the Red Sox are primed to make a run at the Yankees. Yankees are due to cool off a bit but their September schedule looks just as easy making the key series for both teams in September their last series against each other as well as the series against AL East rivals Tampa Bay Rays. These series combined the Red Sox need to do a lot more winning then the Yankees do if they want to catch up and win the division.

The Red Sox bats are alive as of recent so if this keeps up they will have a great chance. JD Drew, David Ortiz, Jason Bay and Mike Lowell have been swinging the hot bat lately which was missed a lot by the team last month. Another acquisition the Sox had made, which is paying off very highly, is the multitalented and reliable bat of Victor Martinez. With a great combination of pitching and hitting the Red Sox are looking to storm into the playoffs big time. It will be up to them as Tampa Bay is looking to make a run at the Wild Card as the Rangers appear that they will start to fade due to a lack of pitching. The long September journey will start tonight as the Red Sox begin a crucial series at Tampa Bay.

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