Posted by: Mike B. | September 3, 2009


To be honest I’m not very sure how legit this is or who this person’s source is. There is a link below to the web page where this article is found but is in Spanish because it is from the Dominican Republic. Personally I hope it is the list and we can finally know the players in the “steroid era” that have tested positive in the past. This would end all the stupid steroid speculation on the list and end all of the he said/she said rumors of who is on the list and who isn’t. Most of this list doesn’t really surprise me and since it is a list out of the Dominican Republic (where most of the known steroids users are from) I would not be surprised at all if this list was accurate.

Baseball has taken quite a hit that keeps on coming back up due to more and more names being released. In my opinion we need to release this list for all to see so that this trend doesn’t continue as every time it does it makes a mark on the game. I’m not sure what the penalty would be for major league baseball if they released the list but in the agreement players that tested positive can’t be punished games or anything for their inclusion on the list.

The article with the list can be found HERE.

Here is a very rough English translation of the article using Babel Fish:
True wasps’s nest has risen in Republic Dominican by list presented/displayed by vestibule, in that they appear the names of the peloteros that presumably gave positives in tested by the Great Leagues in 2003, to detect the steroid use in the baseball. Of that list of 103 positives only the names of two were developing: Alex Rodriguez and Sammy Soda, but now is offered completes, with the presumed positives. On the telephones of the sport writing of hundreds of calls of readers interested in knowing the list have been received. is a publication in English, that when publishing the list clarifies that he is unofficial. The publication has hit to Dominican, since in her they appear 22 of his compatriots, some of them true idols of the fanatics. The names that have hit more of the new ones mentioned are those of David Ortiz and Pedro Martinez, mainly, because they have lashed the steroid use in the baseball. Ortiz had said that those that consume steroids must be sanctioned of by life, whereas hardly days ago Pedro sent a challenge to that they published the complete list ” although my name is there, although this and surely of which not estará”.

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