Posted by: Mike B. | September 15, 2009

Patriots Week 1 Review

With the Patriots week 1 Monday Night Football game over we can now take a look back at how the team did.


All in all I think the team did ok. With that said this game should not have been won by the Patriots but on throw back uniform night we got a taste of the vintage Tom Brady we are used to seeing. Luck combined with deadly accurate passing from Tom Brady made the comeback what it was; miraculous. With that being said I think the defense is the unsung hero of the game. Yes they had times where they did not look good, yes they had times where it seemed the Bills were marching down the field and yes people were expecting them to do better. The reason I say “unsung hero” is because this is a fairly new unit without Vrabel, Seymour and Bruschi; not to mention without Mayo at the early stages of the game. They did a better job late in the game then I was expecting by far and had a key fumble and fumble recovery that set Tom up to make that game winning drive.

Met expectations:

Randy Moss (12 REC, 141 YDS): I think we expect a big game from him every week and this week he delivered. During one drive he almost seemed unstoppable while he a Brady found themselves on the same page.

Wes Welker (12 REC, 93 YDS): Throw back uniform night apparently means vintage Wes Welker as well.

Tom Brady (39/53, 378 YDS, 2 TD, 1 INT): A bit rusty (the interception) but then Brady made up for it by leading the Patriots to another TERRIFIC comeback victory. I was wondering where his nickname came from and he refreshed my memory last night.

Adalius Thomas (5 tackles, 1 sack, 4 solo, 1 pass deflection, 2 QB hits): Adalius is still here unlike his veteran defenders Vrabel and Bruschi and boy are we glad.

Lawrence Maroney (10 carries, 32 yards): I’m beginning to wonder if he will ever have a breakout season. He is continuing to disappoint me especially since they were even putting an extra blocker on the line for him; STOP STUDDER STEPPING!

Above Expectations:

Ben Watson (6 REC, 77 YDS, 2 TD): After being thought of as “the guy that dropped the easy pass” early in the game he joined alongside Brady as the hero of game by catching the last 2 touchdowns of the game.

Brandon Meriweather (8 tackles, 3 solo): What a great game by Meriweather, he was all over the place and was one of the defenders that caused the fumble on the 4th quarter kickoff, setting Brady up to march down the field and win the game.

Tully Banta-Cain (4 tackles, 2 sacks, 3 solo): Speaking of helping out the defense Tully has grown into a great player in front of Patriot’s fans eyes over the past few years. He will need to keep pressure on the opposing QB; especially since they are without Seymour.

Leigh Bodden (6 tackles, 5 solo, 1 pass deflection): What an addition to this defense! To be honest I wasn’t expecting this much production out of him but he is looking like he will be a GREAT addition to the New England defense this year.

Below Expectations:

Steven Gostkowski (2 FG, 1 PAT): Too bad he made his expectations so high after last year when he only missed 2 field goals from within 40. He missed one this game and shocked all of Patriot Nation the good news is that means he shouldn’t miss another for a while.

Jerod Mayo (1 tackle): I know, I know he got injured. I was hesitant to put him here since he came out with an injury but he is “THE GUY” now when it comes to the look of the new Patriots Defense. Defensive rookie of the year last year has a lot of expectations and hopes to fill in New England but he can’t do either while on the injury report.

The Final Score (24-25): What happened to everyone saying Pats by at least 10?

Not a bad game to start the year off. Gostkowski making his FG like usual and Brady not giving up the INT for a touchdown would have made the game a bit more to expectations but the Patriots first half was a still a lot of running and very little passing for the Patriots pass happy offense. There is definitely a lot of rust that needs to come off but it was good to see the Pats won’t let pressure get the best of them and they will try their best to become the typical Tom Brady and Belichick Patriots.

The next game is on Sunday vs. the HATED New York Jets. This looks to be a true test for the Patriots defense and I expect it to be a close game for sure.

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