Posted by: Mike B. | September 17, 2009

BC Ready for First “Real” Game of the Year

This week will be the first opportunity for Boston College to make a statement in the ACC, let’s hope it is a good one. Boston College will take on Clemson on their home turf for their third game of the year. I know what you’re thinking, “But you said first game of the year”. The first two games of BC’s season were more like practice games in my opinion cause their opponents were not that “high caliber” of a college team. First game of the year they took on fellow Boston team Northeastern and won 54-0 which was followed up with a 34-7 victory vs. Kent State. With two huge victories in the first two games BC still isn’t on the college football radar since the teams they played aren’t very convincing in the least.

This Saturday September 19th head coach Frank Spaziani will take his BC Eagles into enemy territory for a noon time battle in which Clemson is favored by 7. BC will try to ride their 2 headed monster QB tandem Justin Tuggle and Dave Shinskie to try and upset the Tigers on their home turf. This game looks to be a big offensive battle, one which new “head cheerleader” Mark Herzlich will definitely be there for. Herzlich is the BC Linebacker who was diagnosed with cancer during the offseason and goes to all the BC games in between chemo therapy treatments. This weekend he will also get the pleasure to catch the Falcons game as well to watch former teammate and Falcons QB Matt Ryan.

My prediction for the game is a BC victory by 3 lead by their high powered offense and Top ACC receiver Rich Gunnell. BC defenders will have their hands full themselves however as the No.2 and No.3 receivers in the ACC are on Clemson (Jacoby Ford and C.J. Spiller respectively). This should be a great test for the BC defense without their star linebacker Herzlich, I am expecting that with their spirits high from two blowout wins BC will hang on to win this offensive matchup.

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