Posted by: Mike B. | September 17, 2009

The Return of Dice-K

With Matsuzaka coming to the mound I was honestly very apprehensive to have him take the mound, especially wit the way the Red Sox pitching has been on fire of late. I was very wrong about not having “faith” in Dice-K, as he pitched great. 6 innings and 93 pitches later Dice-K ended his night as a 3 hit shutout. Walks were the problem with this outing (like many of Dice-K’s) as he had 3 along side 5 strikeouts. Red Sox pitchers are starting to click I thought; Beckett, Lester, Buchholtz and now Dice-K. Pitching wins championships and the Red Sox potential playoff starters are looking great just in time for the playoff race.

As exciting as Dice-K’s return was it was not the only big story of the night. Papi’s homerun set a new record (270) for homeruns by a DH, passing Edgar Martinez. It was good to see a big positive for “Big Papi” in a year that brought so many negatives on him. Between his horribly slow start and the positive steroid test coming out this yeah Ortiz hasn’t been looking or acting like the Big Papi that Red Sox fans know and love. Congrats David!

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