Posted by: Mike B. | October 12, 2009

Red Sox Sabotage Themselves Out of the Playoffs

Sox getting swept by the Angles in 3 straight to get eliminated from the playoffs wasn’t the thing that bugged me the most; it was the way it happened. In games one and two pitching was great but then there was no offense. Then in game 3 we finally saw some offense but then the bull pen collapsed and the pitching killed us. They just never put pitching and hitting together in the same game. I must say it is a shame because the Red Sox starters did what they needed to accomplish and pitching wins championships right? Well not if the hitting is gone as the Red Sox felt like they needed to prove in games one and two.

Game 3 was a completely different story as closer Papelbon lost the game for the Sox in the 9th inning. It was a scene out of a horror flick as the Red Sox were one out away from a one run win in the ninth but then the season disappointment for the Angles, Vladimir Guerrero, showed why he has been the face of the Angles throughout his career. It seemed from the onset of the series that Los Angeles had more of their heart and determination in the game then the Red Sox did.

There were good things for Red Sox fans to take out of the series however, some Red Sox players performed well. Offensively the biggest surprise was Jacoby Ellsbury who led the Red Sox with 3 hits while Drew continued his steady improvement in a Red Sox uniform by going 2 – 9. Buchholz shined and let up the least number of runs of the 3 Red Sox starters as well. Bard had 3 shutout innings, while Saito had one inning of shutout ball himself. As much as I hate to point it out Ortiz and Youkalis were both disappointments in the series for the Red Sox, along with season standout Ramon Ramirez who pitched great this season in the pen but appeared to let the postseason emotions take over against the Angels.

All in all it was a giant season of ups and downs for the Red Sox, a season which unfortunately will be most remembered for the down swings of the year then the up swings. Well Red Sox fans, there is always next year.


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